Santiago day 2

Today started with a a lie in of two and a half hours and didn’t have to get up. Then was able to have a shower at ease and when ready go and have a leisure breakfast. What treats compared with the previous few days! Had a nice breakfast of fresh OJ coffee and tomatoe on brown and white bread. 

Then I had to go on a bit of a location finding exercise. But with cupla focal I found what I wanted I think. 

Then it was time to return to the cathedral for the pilgrims mass with the Botafumeiro service at the end. Afterwards it was nearly time for lunch and catch up with the girls and boys around the world. Communications have made things easy. 

I did the tourist thing on the bus and went over what Mary and I did two years ago it was nice. Missed the company though. Nothing much had changed from the scenery around here and spoke to an American and his wife on the trip. 

When I got off the bus did a bit of walking and bumped into a few people who I met along the road. 

Thinking about it now a lot of this blog must concentrate on food -the good the bad and the other – it was time to think about it again. 

The street I had dinner in tonight

This was the street in which I had dinner tonight. It was good and the sky was clear blue. 
I had to do a lot of searching because there are so many shops etc closed on Mondays. 
Can anyone guess from the following what I was after?

This is what I was after. A good shave and clean up.

There is a lot of growth after a few weeks and all you would want me to be presentable on my return home. Imagine a blow dry for a beard after the cut and wash including a special brush for the purpose. Beat that with one throw all of you bearded people. 

It has been a good time but now it’s time to get ready for home. Thank you all for following my Camino from Lisbon to Santiago. Thank you all for the likes but unfortunately I wasn’t able to see them due to a Facebook problem with me. Thank you all for the good wishes and support. Thank you all for the contributions to the MS cause for which I wore the tea shirt every day. 

Until the next time you are all great. Bye and thanks. Peregrino and tourist Martin. 


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