Day 23 – Padron to Santiago

 I took to having the menu de dia over the last few days at lunch time. I found that a big meal later didn’t help with sleep. So it took some time but an old dog does not learn new tricks easily. 

There was an awareness among some of the people I spoke to later in Padron that all had to be up early and do all in there power to be in Santiago for the pilgrims mass at noon. The Portugese scouts were meeting other groups along the way and arriving in Santiago together. 

The walk itself was pretty uneventful as I was led and led a few spaniards along the way. I also met the international group and walked and talked with a girl from Tajekastan and Belarous. The Irish girl who was part of that group was flying home from Porto. 

I stopped to get a stamp in a little chapel and the woman was chat in Spanish of course. I passed a lot of her information to others who were on the road. She was trying to be helpful about bags in the Cathedral etc. We were five km from the city limits and sevenkm from the Cathedral. So on I pressed and got to the hotel only to be told that the room would not be ready until three. So I went to line up to get my Compostela. Now mass was at twelve and I was cutting thing very fine. Anyway there is a new pilgrims office and except for the Compostela all else has been computerised. So I get my Compostela and now it seems real that I’ve finished it. Across th plaza I go and Mass has just started so I’m lucky. However for some I imagine that because of no Botafumeiro ceremony it must have been a little disappointing. All through mass there was a gigantic banging of drums outside

The vitality this parade exuded was sonething else

It seemed that there was a parade going on all different groups some musicians some dressed as figures.  

It’s amazing to think that I am here and all in one piece. Hopefully will get a few more pictures to share with you. The pilgrim now becomes a tourist and I’m not sure if he will be half as informative. 

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