Day 22 – Caldas de Reis to Padron

This place called Caldas de Reis has history. One of the items is its thermal springs. 

One of the thermal springs where one can bathe weary feet

Water at 40degree C has been coming out of the ground for millennia. There is a place in the town where you dip your weary feet and soothe them. Boy is forty deg hot or maybe it’s my feet after my walking

This place also seems to have a very elderly population and I mean much more than yours truly. Maybe it is the thermal springs or not or just a pleasant place to be. 

When we did the Camino Frances there were a lot of people joined the Camino In Sarria. This Camino seems to be no different and the people who start in Oporto or Tui are all now converging on Santiago. Tui also seems to be a collection point for other Portugese Caminos -Costa etc. Everyone to their Camino. It is so busy. 

I had the menu del dia at lunchtime – Iberian ham and melon, veal crumbed with pasta of the day, wine soaked pear, coffee and a beer or two. Then I went for a walk about and besides trying to find my exit for tomorrow found a cafe that had a good tortilla. 

The hotel gave a breakfast box this morning. Fruit water sandwich was okay. It may have contributed to my first packing disaster. Brekkie stuffed into bag and away in the dark. Very soon I was aware that all was not right. My lower back was beginning to feel very,  damp would not describe it it was more wet. Head lamp was not strong enough to discover problem so had to keep going for a while. I discovered that in pushing the brekkie into the bag the water spilled and had been dripping all the while. I had not much clothes outside of plastic bags so on that score except for what I’m wearing, clothes are okay. 

The Camino path and the mororway side by side

  The walk today had a number of small streams to cross not big by any means you could actually step over them. However in the dark and you are not aware that they are coming you could have one shoe in before you know it. Survived that part. 

I stopped for coffee along the was and the owner asked me where I’m from. She told me there was a big Irish group passed yesterday and she proceeded to open her phone and there was the group singing “the fields of Athenry”. She was highly impressed by them. I told her that Irish would sing at the drop off a sombrero.

I could have had fresh fruit cocktail off the trees today. I saw kiwis peaches apples figs grapes black and green and water melons growing. I don’t carry a knife so I passed on it. 

This is some kind of industrial plant very near here and the white smoke that leaves it very soon turns to brown/black and can be seen going up the valley.
It’s one thing when your walk is over but then you find your hotel or Albergue and do what has to be done. When you start early you arrive early. Sometimes there is time to pass.

Most of the hostales and little hotels that I’ve arrived at will give you a room as you arrive. The Albergues on the other have special opening times. 

Tomorrow hopefully will see me arrive in Santiago. Just to keep you all guessing for a little. I have decided that I’ll have get something special for me there!! Let you all know later. 

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