Day 21 – Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis

Pontevedra is the regional capital of Galicia. 

Paul and Gertraud from Austria

It is a very busy place with many groups and walking tours all over the place. It has many interesting sites. It has it’s downside as well. There are many underprivileged openly on the streets and following you. It is typical of an old and new town competing with it self. It provides for the modern requirements of society with garbage collection etc but to see how the drivers cope with the narrow streets is “what a driver type”. Pilgrims kept arriving all day and the youngest pilgrim I met was 13 months old.  

Basilica de Santa Maria A Grande

When I left this morning the way was marked as usual but in addition right in the centre of the pavement were tiny blue lights coin size to mark the way. There also happened to be a lot of broken glass and bottles, someone had a party last night. Some of you might wonder about signs. These are generally a yellow arrow got Santiago. I must say that on this Camino we have been warned that a percentage have been defaced and interpretation of what’s left can sometimes be difficult. 

One type on the flat of the road

Others are usually on poles but can be anywhere vigilance is very important. Sometimes another lick of paint wouldn’t go astray. 

A yellow X generally means wrong way

It was chilly this morning and the sun did not break cover until after eight thirty. I stopped and had OJ, coffee and tostadas with tomatoe. All went down well. 

Some of the sections of this Camino are on very busy roads. On one today it said Santiago was forty km. I know that while that might be true I have to cover a bit more nearly five more.

One of followers asked for a picture of my purchase in Tui. I must say that they give comfort after a day’s walk 

My crocs before they were used

All okay here and now for the usual chores to be done. 
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