Day 20 – Redondela to Pontevedra

Nothing much to add to yesterday’s notes. I didn’t sleep the best last night, tossing and turning all night. Room was complete with its own washing machine so all clothes got a wash and dry. 

I was on the road at six this morning. It is very difficult to balance an early start with no great views and awareness of where going and arrive early as against leave a little later a see lots and then endure the heat etc the later you are. I seem to choose the former. So this morning there was a very fine haze mist. It was not enough to wet one but when this one stopped for coffee my hat was wet – as you know my thatch is very thin on top. 

Passed this array of scallop shells

There were two very stiff climbs today. One shortly after the start and I suppose I was lucky because it was dark and one could not see the extent of the climb. Anyway got over that one and down the other side. On that leg met a group of about eight walking together. The group was very international and included Irish Canadian Indian British and Tajekastan. We walked as far as the coffee break. Raffo appeared after getting lost and was so worried about Anna. 

He and I then walked for a while. We came to the bridge over the river Verdugo.  

Bridge over rio verdugo
Then started the second climb. It was not as bad the one four or five days ago but pretty tough. This time I seem to be handling the up and down okay. I had great difficulty going downhill last time. I stopped at a little chapel to get a stamp and in came Raffo and Anna. The three of us then walked on to Pontevedra. They were staying in an Albergue on one side of town and my hotel is on the other. 

Now it’s time to do what has to be done and get some food. Then go sightseeing. 

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