Day 19 -Tui to Redondela

 Tui is a very nice little place with lots of history. There are many museums and churches and Roman artefacts about. The battlements from previous time are guarding this town and it is unbelievable how some cars and vans drive the streets. Had a nice meal and was joined by a English man for a while. It was an experience. 

Today was an early start as the heat was due high thirties or even low forties. The departure from Tui was via the Nuns Tunnel ( Tunel das Monxas)

The nuns steps

It’s strange time wise today as the clocks went forward when we went from Portugal to Spain. It appeared darker and we had a lot of time in wooded areas. There were a few minor map reading glitches again. It was a day to keep going because only mad dogs etc.

As Redondela approach the distance marker read 97km to Santiago. 

The pathway down to Redondela and the valley below.

On the way down the steep path it was crazy because overhead was a plane coming into lad at Vigo airport.

I stopped on the way for a coffee and must say that I have become partial to freshly squeezed orange juice. My cupla focail of spainish came in handy and event one of the people restaurant commented out of earshot about my spainish. I even got a laugh at my attempt at a joke. Not sure if it was politeness or nor. It sent me my way happy. 

Today was the last of the very long days walking. The last of the 30 plus days. Another days nearer to Santiago. 
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