Day 18 – Rubiaes to Tui

 Albergue last night was okay but very overcrowded. We were first to arrive and so had the privilege of choosing top or bottom. It got so busy that the late arrivers were sleeping on mattresses. They are designed to hold 27 but at a push can accommodate 43!!

I had to get you all a sundown scene

Like before the first light went on at four fifteen and after that everything became a little frantic. By way of further education, when you get a bed in a municipal Albergue you get a bed rubber mattress and rubber pillow. You get to use the showers toilets kitchen and clothes washing facilities and clothes line. Every turn and twist or movement on the bunk structure make an noise. When you have four five six eight or more bunks the noise accompanying the snores and other body noises can be almost orchestrated. 

Sleep over up and ready for road just after five thirty. There were about twelve people in line for first few kilometres.  Oleg went two stages yesterday Rafo and Anna and walked together today. We walked from Portugal across the international bridge into Spain 

The International Bridge between Portugal and Spain

We are now in Spain and the province of Galicia. All going well there is about another five days walk to Santiago.  My hotel won’t be ready for a while. I had my first portion of tortilla. 

My favourite breakfast in Spain

I waited until I got to Spain for to purchase. What might you say did he get? I’ve been talking about replacing my scandals. Well I bought crocs today for after walk. I hope that they will be okay. 

Tomorrow will be the last of the thirty plus days and a another day nearer to Santiago. 

Fundraising for MS Ireland through Everyday Hero


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