Day 17 – Ponte de Lima to Rubiaes

 Ponte de Lima was all lit up festivities last night 

Ponte de Lima under lights

Luckyfor me all the festivities were on the far side of the bridge and sound didn’t travel. Went to mass at 21.30 and it everything. Started with rosary and then choir and Mass. Packed church ands full range of ages from very young to old. 

Started this morning before six and walked some of the way with a man from Brazil. Then met up with Raffo and Oleg and walked some more with them. 

The hardest part of this Camino was to come. It’s called Alto de Portela Grande and the highest point of this walk. It’s about 405 met high. 

Believe it this was part of the walk today

The climb was not easy to say the least but amazingly the body is holding up okay. The weather did not get too hot. But I needed a wringer when I finished. 

The Albergue is pretty new and am in an four double bunk room. Three males and five German females. All the scouts have also arrived. 

I am now less than 20km from the Spanish border. Hopefully will leave Portugal tomorrow and even though I’ll be walking cross the border into Spain my clock will have to be changed. 
Fundraising for MS Ireland through Everyday Hero


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