Day 16 – Tamel Sao Pedro Fins to Ponte de Lima

Yesterday finished with a nice meal and then the clicking and packing and repacking started and then the clicking. The bells in this area have a time out of nine pm and a start of six am. That is all very reasonable and understandable. I think that you all must know that there is a BUT coming. My friends of yesterday and today and hopefully of tomorrow the dogs  in the main have a job to do, that is guarding the property they are in or putting the frighteners so any threat. They should have a bark curfew also as they went on long into the night. Anyway finally got some sleep and what do you know lights went on at five fifteen. So one the road by oh just say before five forty five. 

These early starts means that you get to your destination early as well. With the early start it was over thirteen kms before I reached the first open restaurant and badly in need of a coffee. However when it did arrive it was good. So had the coffee OJ and cheese and ham sandwich. On the way again and after another some kms another coffee was required. 

There was a guard of honour waiting for me when I arrived

Ponte de Lima is on first impression a very nice place.  

Greeting for pilgrims

They seem to have activities every weekend. It is by is name bridge on the Lima. 

The Ponte Medevial ovet the Lima with weekend parking in the forefront.

There are some canoe or kayak activities on the river. There was also artisan stalls along the river bank. Three shops I went to were either closed or closing for lunch or the weekend. You see I’m trying to replace my after walk foot ware. I dumped the scandals I brought as they were cutting my feet. Now I know the wisdom of not throwing out the bath water etc. Anyway the search will continue. 

As I sit and wait pilgrims are arriving all the time.  Some will try and pass through to the next place. Others will stay in one of the Albergues here. From here until Santiago arrives it is becoming more and more difficult.  I have made arrangements for accommodation in places except the end of the next stage. 

Most of these people started out frion the same place as I this morning and are now waiting for the Albergue to open to get a bed
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